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[labor news] Relief measures called for SHI tower cranes accident subcontractor workers

In relation to the crash accident of the tower cranes at the Samsung Heavy Industries(SHI) in Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province that happened on May 1 with loss of six lives and twenty five injuries of subcontractor workers, South Gyeonsang Regional Office of the Korean Metal Workers' Union called on the SHI to pay the subcontractor workers the wages during the suspended operation period due to the accident inspection by the authority and to take measures for the injured workers who need long-term medical treatment.

Since these injured workers are hired by the subcontractor companies, it is the legal framework in Korea that SHI as the prime contractor may not be responsible for the industrial accidents involved with subcontractor workers. The Ministry of Employment and Labor also suspended the SHI shipyard operation next day after the accident for the period which resulted in removing subcontractor workers from the source of income.

reported by Je Jeong-nam
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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