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[labor news] Working hour cut can not be delayed any more, President Moon says
▲ President Moon Jae-in takes questions from reporters at a New Year's press conference after delivering his New Year's speech to the nation on January 10 in the Blue House. (photo provided by Cheong Wa Dae)

President Moon Jae-in, while stressing that "the reduction of working hours is a task that can not be delayed any more", made a request that "the National Assembly speed up the legislation." He also promised to restore the social dialogue among labor, employers and the government.

President Moon said in his New Year's press conference on the morning of January 10 in the Blue House that "it is important to reduce the gap between jobs and improve the quality of jobs. Fundamental job reforms such as the conversion of irregular jobs to permanent ones, solution of wage gap, working hour cut and job sharing have to be accomplished."

Reaffirming the need to raise the minimum wage, President Moon said that "the increase of the minimum wage was a meaningful decision to change our fundamental economic structure and it will lay a foundation for the income-led growth by guaranteeing the quality life of low-wage workers and raising the household incomes."

President Moon also spoke his stance and plan on the issues of the restoration of inter-Korean talks, a follow-up measure on the 2015 agreement signed with Japan on the Japan's wartime sex slavery of Korean women, Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, local elections and a national referendum on the amendment of the Constitution.

reported by Yon Yun-jung
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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