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[labor news] Top Ten Labor News of 2018 in Korea: 100 Labor Specialists’ Pick
▲ 배혜정 기자

No. 1 The implementation of the 52-hour workweek ceiling system starting in July and the pursuit of the unit period extension of the flexible working hour system just after six months of its implementation.

No. 2 The expansion of the minimum wage components which was fiercely opposed by the labor circle.

No. 3 The launch of the Economic, Social and Labor Council, a new social dialogue body.

No. 4 The Gwangju model job which was a project to create socially integrated jobs.

No. 5 The death of the late progressive politician Roh Hoe-chan, a three-term lawmaker of the Justice Party beloved by the public.

No. 6(tie) The agreement of Samsung Electronics to accept the conclusion of a mediation committee(chaired by a former Supreme Court justice) without any conditions attached to settle the problem concerning the victims of occupational diseases such as leukemia contracted at the workplaces like Samsung Semiconductors.

No. 6(tie) #MeToo movement that more and more women broke silence by speaking up their experience of being sexually harassed and assaulted and hit its stride to change the discriminative social structure.

No. 8 The reinstatement of dismissed KTX train attendants, Ssangyong Motor workers and Railway workers after their long struggles.

No. 9 A series of workplace harassments or ‘gapjil’ in Korean which was revealed as shocking piece of offences committed by executives of Korea Future Technology(infamous arrested CEO Yang Jin-ho), Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Gachon University Gil Medical Center, and so forth.

No. 10 The labor union organizing drive at non-union companies like Samsung, POSCO, and in the IT industry. Kim Myung-hwan, president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU) was chosen as the person of the year 2018 at an online poll by the Labor Today’s subscribers.

reported by Kim Mi-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

번역 김성진  goyong1472@gmail.com

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