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[labor news] Direct employment and trade union activities accepted by Samsung Electronics Service
▲ Na Du-sik(third from left), representative president of Samsung Electronics Service union chapter of the Korean Metal Workers' Union poses for a photo with Choi Woo-su(second from right), chief executive officer of Samsung Electronics Service on April 17 at Seoul Garden Hotel in Seoul, after having signed an agreement which includes the guarantee of direct employment and trade union activities. (Jeong Ki-hoon/The Labor Today)

Samsung Electronics Service, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, which provides the after-sale service of Samsung Electronics products will directly hire about 7,700 workers of its outsourced service networks. Samsung Electronics Service will also guarantee the activities of Samsung Electronics Service union chapter which is affiliated to the Korean Metal Workers' Union(KMWU) with the union membership of about 700 workers. Five years have passed since Samsung Electronics Service repair workers formed a trade union and demanded the direct employment in 2013.

Samsung Electronics Service has a network of about 90 subcontractors across the country which run the after-sale service centers with the employment of about 7,700 workers including 5,500 repairmen and other staff in the areas of material management, call centers and information. Samsung Electronics Service will start with the direct employment of repairmen step by step. The number of direct employment is higher than those of SK Broadband(4,600 workers) and Paris Baguette(5,400 workers) which set up subsidiaries to directly hire irregular workers in the full-time employment status.

Samsung Electronics Service is yet to have decided on the labor terms of the after-sale service workers if the same conditions as its regular workers will be applied, or if a separate job category will be established, or if an open-ended employment contract will be introduced. The labor and management sides agreed to discuss the details concerning the plan of direct employment at the earliest possible date.

reported by Kim Hak-tae
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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