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[labor news] Nation's power plants accused of poor job regularization and anti-labor union policy
▲ Union leaders and union-supporting lawmakers jointly hold a press briefing to denounce nation's five power generating plants for their inactive job regularization and hostile trade union policies.(photo provided by the office of Rep. Kim Jong-hoon of the Minjung Party)

The nation's five power generating plants of Korea South-East Power, Korea Southern Power, Korea East-West Power, Korea Western Power and Korea Midland Power jointly had made a consulting contract with a labor law firm called Seojung during the period of Sept. last year to Mar. this year for the production of a consultation report on the conversion of non-regular workers into full-time permanent employees.

It is confirmed, however, that the consultation report oddly contains a suggestion related to the management strategy against the labor union like 'response plans in case of illegal strikes'. Concerns are arising that power plants again would follow the past unfair labor practices committed in 2010 that workers were classified as tomatoes, apples and pears according to their union membership. The report also recommended power plants to directly hire only 2 percent of indirectly employed workers. The labor circle is demanding to shred the report.

The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers' Union(KPTU) and Rep. Kim Jong-hoon of the minor opposition Minjung Party, Rep. Song Ok-joo of the ruling Democratic Party and Rep. Chu Hye-seon of the minor opposition Justice Party jointly held a press briefing at the press room of the National Assembly on the morning of April 10 and released the final consultation report on 'the conversion of non-regular workers into full-time permanent employees' produced by Seojung, a labor law firm, to whom the nation's five power generating plants jointly commissioned.

reported by Yun Ja-eun
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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