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[labor news] Retrenched part-time lecturers in SNU music college to return to profession

▲ Jeon Yoo-jin, a part-time lecturer of the department of vocal music of the Seoul National University who was retrenched in December 2015 return to the profession along with five others this semester which begins in March.(Courtesy of the Korea Irregular Professors' Union)

The college of music of the Seoul National University had established an employment contract practice with part-time lecturers guaranteeing five years before it changed the practice just for one year fixed-term contract from 2015.

113 part-time lecturers in the college of music who had made fixed-term contracts for five years were retrenched in December 2014 due to the changed employment contract of one-year term for part-time lecturers.

Six retrenched part-time lecturers filed a complaint to the labor relations commission for unfair dismissal. The National Labor Relations Commission made a conciliation for two or three years of employment contract subject to the outcome of the law revision and it was finally accepted by both parties concerned.

reported by Lee Eun-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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