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[labor news] President Moon determines to ratify ILO core conventions this year
[provided by Cheong Wa Dae]

President Moon Jae-in expressed his determination to ratify ILO core conventions this year. His administration will meticulously run the social safety net and the employment safety net in order to overcome the employment instability and the polarization. However, he did not agree with the concerns raised by the labor circle that his labor policy moves backwards. These remarks were made to answer the questions raised by the press in the President Moon’s new year press conference held on January 10 at the Blue House.

Regarding the ratification of ILO core conventions, President Moon said that “the Economic, Social and Labor Council(ESLC) is currently deliberating the matter in order to ratify ILO core conventions.” “When ESLC finishes the deliberation, the National Assembly needs to enact a bill. I understand that the National Assembly also prepares for an enactment, and I can tell that the administration strives to ratify ILO core conventions as early as possible,” he added.

President Moon, however, did not answer a question if he could attend and declare the ratification of ILO core conventions at the ILO conference in June this year, which marks the 100th anniversary.

President Moon did not agree with a point of question raised by the press that “the labor circle criticizes the recent government policy such as the expansion of minimum wage calculation components and the unit period of the flexible working hour system reflects the retreat of the administration’s pledge toward a society where labor is respected.” President Moon insisted that “the administration raised the wages of workers first and reduced the working hours, and we are exerting our best efforts to convert the irregular workers into regular workers.” “The labor circle should recognize the best efforts we are making compared to any previous administration,” he stressed.

President Moon continued to say that “we should comprehensively study how far our society could accept the level of the improvement of working conditions and what aspects the economy and employment are affected.” “In this respect, it is necessary for the labor circle to open their mind a bit more,” he asked for the understanding of the labor circle.

President Moon focused on the reinvigoration of the economy and the creation of jobs. He said that “the employment reports in terms of quantity did not meet our expectation, and the administration did not appropriately respond to the slowdown of the manufacturing industry, the difficulties facing the self-employed business owners, and the job market changes due to the automation and unmanned systems.” He emphasized that “the administration takes the current economic situation very seriously and will strive to achieve an innovative inclusive society by improving what is lacking.”

President Moon also focused on the further strengthened social safety net and employment safety net. He said that “the administration will put greater efforts to the creation of more jobs both in terms of quality and quantity, and the earned income tax credit(EITC) incentives will be tripled, and a Korean-model unemployment assistance system will be built, and the employment insurance will be expanded to cover dependent self-employed workers and artists.”

President Moon also promised that “the administration will implement the related measures with its responsibility for and determination to the prevention of the fatal industrial accidents, and will endeavor to properly enforce the dangerous business outsourcing prevention law(the whole amendment to the Occupational Safety and Health Act) which was passed by the National Assembly.”

The labor circle expressed their disappointment toward President Moon’s remarks, calling on the administration to adhere to the policy pledges made in its beginnings.

reported by Yon Yun-jung
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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