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[labor news] Workers’ distrust and anguish
▲ “Minimum wage raise is a lie”, “Working hour cut is a lie”, “Conversion to regular jobs is a lie”. [Jeong Ki-hoon/The Labor Today]

It is thought that bombarding his or her own side with cross-questions over all kinds of lies, tricks and faults that it has made can often help benefit the adversary. It also risks being labelled a behavior of nitpicking and opposition for opposition’s sake. A national trade union center goes on a general strike to denounce the lies that the government has made. The conservative media outlets all together maliciously report that the strike is an unjustifiable industrial action with little impact generated. The political circle in the ruling and opposition parties all alike joins the criticism against the strike. Even, some staunch supporters to the administration post online comments against the workers’ collective action. Reflecting an ancient saying that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, all of a sudden, fraternity between the enemies becomes hot in this winter. The collaborators of the former regime which was impeached by the candlelight revolution may be all smiles, enjoying the unexpected cracks. Who will be gaining the benefits, when labor unions shrank? Workers did not have a hint of doubt about the realization of a society where labor is respected, but streets are frozen by the chilly wind, and people in protest wearing white vinyl raincoats are also being frozen on the streets. Lies, lies, lies.

contributed by Jeong Ki-hoon
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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