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[labor news] Lotte Himart is suspected of illegal use of agency workers for sales work
▲ Lotte Himart is suspected of illegally using agency workers who are dispatched by the electronics companies through the temporary agencies for sales of electronic goods. [Jeong Ki-hoon/The Labor Today]

A sales worker at a store of Lotte Himart said that "The work instruction on sales staff belonging to the job agencies at the stores remains unchanged, even though its intensity has been lowered due to the raised suspicion of illegal use of agency workers by Lotte Himart last year," and exposed that "We are forced to do not only the sales of other company's products but also the sales of mutual-aid insurance policies, inventory taking, sample goods clearance, and even valet parking at some stores crowded with customers."

According to Rep. Lee Jeong-mi of the minor opposition Justice Party, belonging to the Environment and Labor Committee of the National Assembly on October 10, it has been uncovered that Lotte Himart, a large retailer of electronic goods, is illegally using 3,846 sales workers belonging to the temporary employment agencies at about 460 Himart stores across the country, who were dispatched by the electronics companies such as Samsung, LG, Daewoo Electronics and Mando for the sales of their electronic goods.

The Decree on the Protection of Dispatched Workers(Annexed Table 1) specifies 'other retailers' sales job' as one of the jobs permitted for temporary agency workers. According to the Korean Standard Classification of Occupations by the Statistics Korea, jobs for other retailers' sales workers include part of the sales jobs such as sales of cosmetics, construction materials, coal briquettes, watches, jewelries and bicycles. The temporary agency jobs for the sales of electronic goods, foods and beverages at the department stores and large retailers are therefore likely to infringe the jobs prohibited by the Act on the Protection of Dispatched Workers.

reported by Lee Eun-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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