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[labor news] Controversy over setting up subsidiaries for direct employment of irregular contract workers in the public sector
▲ Toll collectors hired by an outsourced firm of the Korea Expressway Corporation(KEC) hold a press briefing and denounce a policy of KEC to set up a subsidiary for the regularization of their contingent employment status, not through the direct employment by KEC on July 31 in front of Fountain Square of the Blue House. (Choi Na-young/The Labor Today)

In the meanwhile, the Korea Electric Power Corporation and representatives of electric power meter technicians on July 31 agreed to establish a subsidiary that KEPCO invests 100 percent by the end of this year to convert 5,200 metermen into full-time regular workers of the new subsidiary.

reported by Choi Na-young & Yun Ja-eun
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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