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[labor news] An arbitration plan on Samsung's leukemia controversy likely due in late September this year
▲ Hwang Sang-ki(left), representative of Banolim, Kim Ji-hyung(center), chair of the mediation committee for the issue resolution, and Kim Sun-shik, Samsung Electronics senior vice president pose for a photo at a signing ceremony, agreeing to accept a settlement plan on the controversy over occupational diseases at Samsung's semiconductor and liquid crystal display production sites. (provided by Banolim)

Samsung Electronics and 'Supporters for the Health and Human Rights of Workers in the Semiconductor Industry', a labor advocacy group called 'Banolim' in Korean on July 24 signed an agreement at a law firm, Jipyong's office in Seoul that both sides will accept an arbitration plan to be drafted by a mediation committee to resolve the issue related to serious occupational diseases including leukemia that the victims claimed to have contracted at Samsung's semiconductor and LCD production factories.

The mediation committee was formed with an agreement between the victims including representatives of Banolim and Samsung Electronics in December 2014. The mediation committee was chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Kim Ji-hyung. However, when the mediation committee proposed a resolution draft, Samsung Electronics changed its position. Samsung Electronics refused to accept the mediation proposal to establish a non-profit foundation to prepare the measures to make compensations for the victims and to prevent the recurrence of occupational diseases at the production sites. Instead, Samsung Electronics formed its own compensation committee for the victims. The mediation committee stopped its activities and Banolim started its sit-in protests in front of Samsung buildings from October 7, 2015 up to now.

With Samsung Electronics and Banolim agreeing to accept the arbitration plan, the mediation committee has resumed its activities to come up with an arbitration draft by late September or early October. According to the arbitration plan, compensations for the victims belonging to Banolim will be completed within October. The arbitration plan is expected to include details on occupational diseases to be compensated, compensations for the victims, an official apology from Samsung Electronics, and ways of social contributions.

Banolim is reportedly to stop its sit-in protests outside Samsung building in Seocho-gu district in Seoul on July 25 after holding a cultural event to mark the end of their protest.

reported by Choi Na-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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