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[labor news] Hyundai Steel in Dangjin notifies contract termination and process merger to subcontractor firms in collective bargaining process
▲ Unionized workers of Hyundai Steel subcontractor firms call on their using company, Hyundai Steel to stop the suppression on trade unions of the suppliers and to guarantee the succession of employment. (archive photo/The Labor Today)

Hyundai Steel notified a plan for the contract termination or merger of contracts to almost half of subcontractor firms in Dangjin during the ongoing process of collective bargaining with a labor union. This is an extremely exceptional move by the company. The labor union strongly reacted against the move in saying that "Hyundai Steel is cutting off the tail of illegal worker dispatch in advance, as it faces an imminent court verdict on the class action lawsuit filed for the confirmation on the worker's status. It has been reportedly known that Hyundai Steel had got an expert consulting to remove all traces of illegal worker dispatch including a way for the merger of contracting processes.

According to the Hyundai Steel Irregular Workers Chapter of the Korean Metal Workers' Union on Jul. 9, Hyundai Steel recently sent notice of contract termination of full process or contract termination of partial process to 22 out of 54 subcontractor firms which had been conducting collective bargaining with the labor union. There are currently about 80 partner firms with the Hyundai Steel plant in Dangjin, when sub-subcontractor firms are included. Concerns were raised that some 1,300 unionized workers will be in danger of losing their jobs.

reported by Yang Ou-ram
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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