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[labor news] Energy Networks allegedly offers wage hike on condition of union membership withdrawal
▲ Members of the Energy Networks Trade Union call on the company to recognize their labor union and to negotiate in good faith for a collective agreement. (provided by the Energy Networks Trade Union)

Energy Networks(EN), a company which specializes the industrial waste disposal located in Busan, has allegedly committed unfair labor practices with the wage increase offered only to some union members to break up the labor union including the former CEO's demand for the dissolution of the labor union.

The management and labor union of Energy Networks held 25 rounds of negotiations from June last year up until now. However, the management is demanding the union to postpone the collective bargaining until the end of the year, citing the "company's financial difficulty".

Regarding the suspicion of unfair labor practices against the company, the management explained that "the company does not know the talk in detail if the former CEO called on the union leader to dissolve the labor union, as it was a face-to-face talk only between two of them." The management also added that "the company raised the wages with an amount of 300,000(US$ 280) to 500,000 won(US$ 466) for crane operators whose wage level was considerably lower compared to the the wages of the workers in the same vocation." The management rebutted that "the wage hike was not linked to the withdrawal of the union membership."

reported by Lee Eun-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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