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[labor news] National Pension Service hires 827 irregular workers directly

The National Pension Service(NPS) of Korea makes direct employment contracts with 827 indirectly employed workers. It is exceptional for a public institution in Korea to decide a large scale of job regularization through the direct employment rather than the establishment of a subsidiary. Most of public institutions have yet to decide the method of irregular job conversion into permanent ones or they are working to establish subsidiaries to hire the irregular workers. There is much attention towards the irregular job conversion method of the NPS if it could affect other public institutions as a benchmarking model.

According to the NPS chapter of the Korean Public Service and Transport Workers Union(KPTU) on May 14, the irregular job conversion consultation committee set up by the NPS reached an agreement to directly employ the irregular workers used for the tasks of call centers, IT, cleaning service, security, and facility maintenance. The total number of irregular workers indirectly employed by the NPS is 833. Among them, 827 are the target workers for the direct employment, excluding six of highly qualified professionals in 'fund operations' who do not want to have their job status changed to the regular ones, because otherwise their wages would fall.

On Apr. 30, 263 cleaning service workers and security guards whose employment contracts expired were directly employed on May 1 by the NPS. Workers in the facility maintenance, IT and call centers whose employment contracts expire in the end of June and December will be also directly employed as well.

The wage level of cleaners and security guards who were directly hired on May 1 is as same as that of existing open-ended fixed term contract workers, and the same level of welfare benefits for regular workers will be applied to them. The retirement age was set to be 65 years old and it can be extended up to 67 with an additional one year per year after that.

reported by Yun Ja-eun
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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