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[labor news] April 16, the 4th memorial day of the Sewol ferry tragedy victims
▲ Unionists hoist their labor union flags and place yellow and white pinwheels in front of the site reserved for 4·16 Life Safety Park to commemorate the victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy on April 16, 2014, after citizens were marching from Gojan station to the government group memorial altar set up in Hwarang Resort in Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province on April 16. (Jeong Ki-hoon/The Labor Today)
▲ Citizens observe moments of silence at the government group memorial altar.(Jeong Ki-hoon/The Labor Today)
▲ Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon along with government officials offer flowers at the memorial altar hung with the pictures of the victims.(Jeong Ki-hoon/The Labor Today)

reported by Kim Mi-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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