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[labor news] Controversy swirls around the job-based minimum wage system for regularized workers in the government
▲ Members of the Korean Democratic Federation of General Workers' Unions and Rep. Youn So-ha of the minor opposition Justice Party jointly hold a press briefing at the press room of the National Assembly on the afternoon of Jan. 11, denouncing the decision of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety which set to apply the job-based minimum wage scale to the workers who are being converted from the irregular positions to the permanent ones. (photo provided by the Korean Democratic Federation of General Workers' Unions)

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety(MOIS) has become the first ministry of the central government which announced the plan to convert the irregular jobs to the regular positions. From this month, 3,076 irregular workers who are belonging to MOIS or hired for the maintenance of the government complexes will be gradually converted to the regular positions .

MOIS announced that "regularized workers will be subject to the job-based wage system." In accordance with the new wage system, the gross wage for them will go up by 16 percent. However, it is unveiled that it will take almost 14 years for a worker who is just converted from the irregular position to reach the wage level of the lowest position of a Grade 9 civil servant who is in the first year civil service. It seems that controversy would swirl around the wage gap between the civil servants and the open-ended contract or regularized workers.

reported by Kim Hak-tae
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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