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[labor news] Two street cleaning service workers in Suncheon diagnosed with lung cancer
▲ Garbage workers are constantly exposed to the cancer-causing diesel exhaust fumes, while they are working on the streets.(provided by Gwangju Workers Health Center)

It is known that two street cleaning service workers employed by Suncheon City in South Jeolla Province were diagnosed with lung cancers around the same time. They have been continuously exposed to the diesel exhaust fumes for 8 hours a day over 20 years, in the work process of handling household wastes and cleaning the streets. In 2012, the International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC) classified diesel engine exhaust fumes as one of the Group 1 carcinogens. Urgent safety and health measures are thus necessary to be taken for the street cleaning service workers who are constantly exposed to the cancer causing substance.

According to the labor circle, two street cleaning service workers with the surnames of Seo(61) and Hwang(62) were diagnosed with lung cancer and on January 4 they filed an application for the approval of industrial accident with the Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service(KCOMWEL), as they claimed that their diseases were work-related, namely caused by their exposure to diesel engine exhaust fumes during their cleaning service works over 20 years.

reported by Bae Hye-jung
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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