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[labor news] 2018 top 10 labor issues and top 10 most influential figures
▲ Jeong Ki-hoon/The Korea Daily Labor News

The Korea Daily Labor News(www.labortoday.co.kr) released 2018 top 10 labor issues which were chosen by 100 labor experts from trade unions, employers and the government in a survey conducted in December last year.

100 labor experts who participated in the survey listed up 312 labor issues and following is the ranking list in order of importance chosen by them(plural response allowed):
#1. Reduction of working hours(72 votes)
#2. Minimum wage(66 votes)
#3. Conversion of irregular jobs to regular positions in the public sector(51 votes)
#4. Future direction of the tripartite dialogue among trade unions, employers and the government(24 votes)
#5. Expansion of trade union rights(17 votes)
#6. Reform of wage system(11 votes)
#7(tie). Solution of youth unemployment and creation of good jobs(7 votes)
#7(tie). Solution of illegal worker dispatch(7 votes)
#9(tie). Workplace democratization(3 votes)
#9(tie). Strengthening workplace safety(3 votes)
#9(tie). Ratification of ILO core conventions(3 votes)
#9(tie). Constitutional amendment(labor constitution)(3 votes)
#9(tie). Reduction of social disparity(3 votes)

Top 10 leading figures who will be the most influential in labor were also surveyed as follows:
#1. Kim Myung-hwan, newly elected president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU)(47 votes)
#2. President Moon Jae-in(25 votes)
#3. Kim Young-ju, Employment and Labor Minister(20 votes)
#4. Kim Ju-young, president of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions(FKTU)(13 votes)
#5. Moon Sung-hyun, chairman of the Economic and Social Development Commission(ESDC)(12 votes)
#6. Kim, Sung-tae, floor leader of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party(8 votes)
#7. Hong, Young-pyo, chairman of the Environment and Labor Committee of the National Assembly(7 votes)
#8(tie). Park, Won-soon, Seoul Mayor(3 votes)
#8(tie). Han, Sang-gyun, former KCTU president(3 votes)
#8(tie). Lee Yong-sup. vice-chairman of the Presidential Committee on Job Creation(3 votes)
#8(tie). Na, Soon-ja, president of the Korean Health and Medical Workers' Union(KHMU)(3 votes)

reported by Yang Ou-ram
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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